Italy's Pizza & Pasta - Italian restaurant | Buford, GA

Located in Buford, GA, across the street from Walmart

Eat well to live well

Mangiare bene per vivere bene

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Oliver Scott and his family traveled here from Naples, Italy, to spread their love for food. Oliver's mother taught him everything he needed to know about cooking. His family still owns restaurants in Naples. He wanted to bring the authentic Italian flavors to us, hence he set up Italy's Pizza & Pasta in Buford, GA. Our passion for food helped us make a mark in the food industry.

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Italy's Pizza & Pasta's pizza recipe came directly from Naples, Italy, as did all our pasta recipes. We bring the best authentic Italian cuisine to the area.


Our restaurant, located across the street from Walmart, has been spreading the popularity of Italian flavor since 2009.

When you want to relish the best Italian food, visit Italy's Pizza & Pasta!

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